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Partner Newsletter for February 2015
Jocelyn R. Pick

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The Secrets to Successful Onboarding

Ask any hiring manager or HR professional the key to qualiry hiring, and they will probably list "onboarding" among the top three. Second only to recruiting strategies or candidate selection methods, successful onboarding continues to be among the deciding factors in whether an individual makes a successful transition from quality candidate to productive employee. In spite of the complaints of workplace disruption, inconsistent and ineffective on-the-job training, and poorly outlined strategies for measuring "readiness," onboarding is a critical component for employee success.

How can companies ensure the best possible results from their onboarding practices? What are the essential ingredients for success? Although onboarding practices differ greatly from company to company, discipline to discipline, and frequently, position to position, there are generally a few proven concepts that accompany successful onboarding programs.

  1. Establish a measurable metric for succesful onboarding. Determine what you expect from employees when onboarding is successful. Example: greater employee and team productivity in a shorter period, reduced disruption in the workplace, and/or continued high levels of engagement during employee transition.

  2. Customize onboarding processes for individual employee learning needs and work styles. Resist the temptation to "herd" new employees into New Employee Orientation (NEO) classes that present too much jargon, with too little relevance, too soon, and with too little consideration for who they are and how they learn. Know how you will measure knowledge acquired and knowledge applied.

  3. Consider adult learning strategies in your onboarding strategy. Your incoming employees are adult learners who typically learn best when you provide information for which they can see an immediate need. Involve them in the learning process. If you use psychometric assessment data, consider sharing data with employees that can enhance their self-awareness, allowing them to play a greater role in determining learning and work strategies. Encourage them to share appropriately with their teammates, so they may contribute to one another's success.

  4. Consider onboarding strategies that may be incorporated for the life of the employee. Utilize onboarding strategies that inspire personal goal setting, and encourage self-directed growth and life-long learning. Provide opportunities for cross-training and job-sharing, e-learning, think tanks, creativity centers, and other concepts that broaden each employee's overall knowledge beyond his/her immediate role/responsibility. This type of onboarding strategy is multifaceted, and may require involvement beyond HR and the hiring manager. It may utilize expertise from every business facet, and every level from employee to manager.

Keep your onboarding process fluid, flexible, and relevant with fresh ideas from experts in your industry, HR/OD SMEs, as well as those who use and benefit from your onboarding process.

These suggestions are not meant to take away from the uniqueness of your company's onboarding process, but to offer some ideas that may enhance its overall effectiveness. We invite you to share your ideas and suggestions with us, so that we may pass along practices that you have found particularly rewarding.

Wishing you continued success,

Jocelyn Reyes-Pick
Managing Director

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Despite our instinctive nature, it’s not always easy to build a winning team and team building takes many forms. It’s an ongoing process that encourages a work group to evolve and perform as a cohesive unit. If you want to create an atmosphere that fosters collaborative team building and a high engagement level, download the latest eBook from Profiles International, The Leader’s Guide to Successful Team Building.

Onboarding Excellence.pngOnboarding Excellence: Everything You Need to Know

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Photos from January Seminar-Workshop

Critical Thinking: Competency and Action (January 21 - 22, 2015)
The ability to clearly reason through problems and to present arguments in a logical, compelling way has become a key skill for survival in today's world. This two-day workshop gave some practical tools and hands-on experience with critical thinking and problem solving.

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Testimonials: “The seminar develops my personality in terms of coordination and problem solving.”
“Speaker was credible, very accommodating, handled the diversity of participants, very well. Good Trainer.”
Train the Trainer Series: Facilitation Skills (January 29 - 30, 2015)
This two-day workshop has been created to make core facilitation skills better understood and readily available for any organization. It represents materials and ideas that have been tested and refined over twenty years of active facilitation in all types of settings.

train the trainer photo 01.jpg train the trainer photo 02.jpg train the trainer photo 03.jpg
Testimonials: “The module itself is organized well. It its reflective of good audience participation.” “It helps me for my new job."
March 13Sales Optimizer Series: Prospecting for Leads Like a Pro
March 18Leadership Skills for Supervisors
March 19 – 20Organization Development
March 26 – 27Appreciating Project Management
April 14 – 15Lean Management
April 18 & 25 Personal Financial Management
April 21EQ Management in the Workplace
April 23 – 24Critical Thinking: Competency and Action
April 28 – 30Balanced Scorecard: Basic and Advanced
May 14 – 15Optimizing the HR Function Series: Behavioral Event Interviewing
May 19Competency Based Performance Management
May 20 – 21Presentation Survival School
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